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Request for Illumination of Town Buildings

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Illumination of Town Buildings Policy 111

1.0 Purpose

The illumination of Town Hall provides a unique opportunity to display the official colour associated with a registered charitable or non-profit organization or a Town of Tecumseh event, in order to create awareness of an organization or a Town of Tecumseh event.

The following illumination guidelines shall be observed.

2.0  Eligibility

2.1  Outside organizations requesting the illumination of Town Hall with coloured lighting installations must be charitable or non-profit organizations with a physical presence in Tecumseh.

2.2  Requests must be received by the Town Clerk’s office prior to 2 weeks to the date of the event requested in the form of letter correspondence or email stating the following:

  • Name of organization
  • Date submitted
  • Nature of organization (i.e. charitable or not-for-profit)
  • Description of associate event
  • Start date of event and end date
  • Colour details – attachment of event flyer (if applicable)
  • Contact information/address/phone number(s)/email address.

2.3  Outside organizations requesting the illumination of Town Hall must have undertakings or philosophies that are in keeping with Town of Tecumseh policies or by-laws, and do not espouse hatred, violence or racism.

2.4  Town Hall shall not be illuminated for political, religious or for-profit organizations or purposes.

3.0  Frequency/Timing

3.1  Town Hall shall be illuminated no more than once per calendar year, per eligible outside organization, in order to maximize access to all eligible outside organizations.

3.2  Town Hall will be illuminated for a period of up to one week, or for the duration of the associated event, whichever is less; noting that conflicts between two or more organizations would be settled in favour of the organization which first made its request, with Town of Tecumseh events taking precedence in all instances.

3.3  The period of illumination of Town Hall will commence and terminate only on those business days and during regular business hours that Town Hall is open given the staff resources required to facilitate the lighting.

3.4  Outside organizations will be required to submit illumination requests on an annual basis.

3.5  Outside organizations will be required to provide lighting installations at their cost, should the requested lighting be additional to the Town’s inventory.

4.0  Exemptions

4.1  There shall be no restriction on the number of times, or the period for which, the Town of Tecumseh illuminates its Town Hall.

5.0  Administration Policy

5.1  The Town Clerk will administer the policy for the illumination of Town Hall in collaboration with the Department of Community and Recreation Services which is responsible for facilities.

5.2  In the event there is a dispute between an outside organization and the Town Clerk as to the eligibility of a request, the appeal process will be through the Town Chief Administrative Officer and they shall have full and final say as to whether or not the request to illuminate Town Hall will be granted.

Nature of Organization

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