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Town of Tecumseh
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan For Property Taxes

Convenience and savings!

  • No cheques to write.
  • No worry about due dates.
  • Save on postage and your time.
  • The plan is Free to join - no fees or interest payments.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible to join The Plan if your property tax payments are up to date. If you have arrears on your account, they must be paid prior to enrolment.

Payment Plan Choices

  1. Monthly Tax Payment Plan
    Your property taxes will automaticaly be withdrawn from your bank account in ten (10) installments on or about the 15th of the month starting in February. The first nine (9) installments will be equal in amounts with the final installment in November being the balance owing for the year.
  2. Installment Due Date Tax: Payment Plan

    Your property taxes will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account on each installment date. Normally these installments will fall in February, April, June (residential), September and November (commercial/industrial). The deadline for joining this plan is 7 days' notice prior to any due date.

How to Join?

Joining The Plan is easy ...

  1. Ensure your property taxes are paid up to date.
  2. Complete this application and hit the submit button.
  3. If it is a joint account, two (2) people must agree on the form.
  4. Please upload a voided cheque or Bank Direct Deposit Form to your application.


Is this a joint account?
I want to register for a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

I/We hereby authorize the Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh, 917 Lesperance Road, Tecumseh Ontario, N8N 1W9 to debit my/our account indicated below, for all estimated property taxes payable to the Town of Tecumseh.


Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

For the purposes of paying municipal property taxes at:

Single Account - I agree that the information submitted above is true and accurate as of the date this form is submitted.

The personal information on this form is being collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of registering for pre-approved payment for tax purposes.  I understand and agree that the information contained herein will be provided, on my behalf, to the Town of Tecumseh.  The information will be used for registering for pre-approved payment for tax purposes.

For information change/withdrawal/termination of this plan:

  • Please notify the Finance Department at 519-735-2184 immediately if you move or change your bank account.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the plan, please notify the Finance Department in writing thirty(30) days prior to your bank account debit date.
  • Any unpaid taxes due to a payment not being honoured shall be subject to penalties if overdue.
  • This authorization may be cancelled at any time upon written notice by the Town of Tecumseh.